Making the most of technology

Deaf children and young people are growing up in the 21st century with more opportunities than ever before. At WHSS we embrace new advancements quickly and are proactive in ensuring we have the training, expertise and confidence to help your child get the maximum benefit from the technologies available.

Deaf children in Wandsworth enjoy state-of-the-art audiological equipment. Approximately 150 classrooms in mainstream primary schools in Wandsworth benefit from soundfield equipment, creating very favourable listening conditions for deaf children in mainstream learning situations.

For families:

  • We provide guidance and training on choosing and using the right equipment for your child
  • Our training aims to demystify technical language and includes easy to understand guides and glossaries
  • We work closely with our colleagues in the Department of Audiology to ensure hearing aids are set to give maximum benefit

For teachers and other professionals working with deaf children:

  • We provide training in using audiological technology in schools and other settings
  • We run four-weekly checks on hearing aids and FM systems in schools using advanced electroacoustic testing equipment
  • We run regular speech discrimination testing in quiet and noisy conditions
  • Our team has a national reputation in harnessing iPad technology and regularly give presentations

child using-ipad

What is a soundfield system?

Currently 71% of schools in Wandsworth use soundfield systems regularly but WHSS is keen to encourage more schools to use them. We provide regular training for teachers and other education professionals in the use of soundfield systems in a school setting, so that more children may benefit.

Soundfield systems are either FM or Infrared and consist of speakers around the room, a wall mounted box and a transmitter (microphone) which is worn by the speaker. The speaker’s voice is amplified and relayed around the room.

A good soundfield system enables all students in a classroom to hear equally well, wherever they are seated and in whichever direction the teacher is facing. It also benefits the teacher with reduced vocal fatigue, the day is less tiring, class discipline and attentiveness is improved, and less repetition is required leading to a more relaxed teaching experience.

A soundfield system benefits all students. All members of the class will hear their teacher more clearly, including those with temporary or permanent hearing loss.


Access to specialist equipment and state of the art technology  

The ability for even profoundly deaf children to achieve spoken language is a realistic and achievable aim with the existence of today’s technology. To reach this goal equipment must be managed effectively so that it functions properly.

Here at WHSS we have access to state-of-the-art Hearing Aid Analysers. Children’s assistive listening devices are checked regularly using this technology to ensure that they are working and programmed appropriately for their individual listening needs.

Computers and iPads are used to enhance pupils’ learning experiences and to provide them with IT skills that they will need throughout their lives.

Use of multimedia enables us to skilfully analyse children’s speech, language and communication levels from their earliest involvement with us. We also use video to help parents develop their understanding of how babies learn and to plan individualised support programmes.