Role of the Teacher of the Deaf

Visiting teachers of the deaf or peripatetic teachers as they are often known are specialists in all aspects of deafness. They are qualified teachers who have a further qualification to teach deaf children. This is a requirement by law that deaf children should have access to properly trained and qualified teachers.

The teacher of the deaf aims to develop deaf children holistically. This is achieved through partnership with families, health colleagues and schools.

The teacher of the deaf provides expertise in tracking and developing the following areas of development:

  • Communication
  • Audition
  • Use of technology
  • Play
  • Motor development
  • Cognition

Teachers of the deaf (TODs) in Wandsworth provide cover all year round, 52 weeks a year. They work very closely with health colleagues particularly the Department of Audiology at St Georges Hospital. They provide support and services to deaf children and young people from birth to 25 years.

Wandsworth teachers of the deaf are committed to Informed Choice. This is the provision of unbiased information to enable families to make choices that meet their needs and aspirations.

The Service operates in line with the Quality Standards for specialist teaching and support services for deaf children and young people.