Primary Phase

We support deaf children and their families in all mainstream and special primary schools, including the independent sector, in Wandsworth.

In Wandsworth we have a fantastic range of primary schools which all have some knowledge of WHSS. The Local Authority has made a considerable investment in soundfield systems (specialist equipment which improves listening in mainstream classrooms) in recent years. This means that schools in the borough have a high level of inclusive practice and awareness. We maintain very good relations with senior staff in these schools ensuring your child gets the support they need.

What happens in the Primary phase?

We continue to work closely with families carrying out visits to children at home and in school, both mainstream and specialist. Your allocated teacher of the deaf will provide your child with an individual package of support depending on their hearing loss and level of need.

Your teacher of the deaf will continue to focus on your child’s development in communication, literacy and maths as key areas. At this stage, however, we also address your child’s social and emotional development and in other curriculum areas – this an exciting stage in a child’s life as they may start to reveal talents in sports, art or drama.

We are also here to offer practical, up-to-date advice and support on making the most of technology and specialist audiological equipment such as hearing aids, cochlear implants and soundfield systems. We can provide advice and support on choosing and using the right technology for your child and how this is used in schools. Members of our team can also accompany you on visits to the audiology clinic. Find out more about how we make the most of technology

WHSS provides a range of activities to supplement the school curriculum and enable deaf children in Wandsworth to come together, meet each other and have the opportunity to develop gifts and talents. We have an exciting programme of activities and after school clubs hosted in our Family Centre or Willow Hearing Support Centre

If you would like further information about our activities programme please contact us on

How we monitor progress

We track every child’s progress each year, whatever their degree of hearing loss, to ensure they are making progress. We assess and set targets in collaboration with families and other professionals such as speech and language therapists.

Wandsworth deaf children at Key Stage 1 and 2 achieve outstanding results. We expect children to make at least 12 months’ progress in a year and to close the gap with their hearing peers.

For children with milder hearing losses we use the following assessments:

  • British Picture Vocabulary test
  • Speech discrimination
  • CELF

For children with more significant hearing losses we also include the following:

  • Edinburgh reading test
  • Insight Test of self-esteem
  • Phonological Abilities Test
  • Boehm Test of Concepts
  • ACE

We make sure any assessment is done in a fun and relaxed way and never carry out any intervention which will make children stressed or unhappy. The family’s permission is always sought before we carry out any assessment.