Secondary Phase

The Wandsworth Hearing Support Service (WHSS) is here for secondary school aged pupils with a range of hearing losses, and their families. WHSS works closely with you, your child and their school to ensure they receive a supportive and inclusive education to help them reach their full potential.

What happens in Secondary phase?

We are committed to working in partnership with you as a family, and support is maintained through regular telephone contact, home visits where appropriate, meetings in school and through joint attendance at your child’s audiology appointments.  All of the families we work with regularly contribute their views, attend support groups and courses within the education programme, and are fully involved in the education of their child.

You will be working with a teacher of the deaf who will devise an individual learning plan for your child. Depending on their needs, this can involve:

  • Weekly individual sessions, or termly or annual monitoring visits if they do not need specialist intervention
  • Sessions focusing on developing areas such as language, literacy and independence
  • Regular language and literary assessments to monitor progress
  • Advice for on-going support
  • Routine testing of hearing aids and radio aids at your child’s school

During the secondary phase WHSS also runs a vibrant extra-curricular and enrichment programme. The programme enables pupils from different schools to meet, develop new skills, build confidence and have fun. Activities on offer can include:

  • Theatre trips
  • Rock climbing and other outdoor sports
  • Driving practical and theory
  • Holidays and residential trips

Find out more about the latest programme of events and activities here

We encourage all families to get involved – take a look at our Family Training Programme for more courses, events and activities to join