How we work

St George’s Audiology Portage, other services or schools (special or mainstream) can refer children but the key thing is they need to have joint HI and VI involvement

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If children are seen by the HS and VS Support Services they can be referred to the Deafblind Service. More rarely they are referred directly from other contacts but they need to be being seen by both these services (or by VS if they are at Linden Lodge or HS if they are at Oak Lodge School) if they are then to be considered eligible for Deafblind support.

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All children in the borough with a significant vision and hearing impairment (known to the combined services or the schools as mentioned above) will have some access to the Deafblind specialist team. This will vary according to the impact of their combined sensory impairments.

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The level of input is agreed once more information is known about the child. Some children may be supported through the Deafblind specialist discussing issues with peripatetic/ school staff but they may not require the ‘extra’ on-going contact from the Deafblind Service, others may be offered input from the Deafblind facilitator and a developmental assessment.

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Assessments (usually annual) are done prior to Annual Reviews and the reports used to inform those meetings. Parental involvement is key.

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Assessments also provide Next Steps which inform the on-going work of the sensory support service teachers and the Deafblind facilitator with the child. The process is cyclical.

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The Deafblind Facilitator’s work arises from the next steps in the assessments and is supervised by the service coordinator

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HS work targets                 VS work targets

NB The support provided to Deafblind children from the Hearing Support and Vision Support Services will vary and may differ. It can be anything from monitoring to weekly visits depending on the child’s sensory needs (audiological management/amplification use for example is likely to require a higher level of input).