Working in partnership with you

We believe that the best results are achieved through strong working partnerships based on mutual respect and open communication.

To truly understand the needs of families of deaf children we place importance on listening. When families receive a diagnosis of deafness no two families react in exactly the same way. We spend time listening to families, so we can provide information and support tailored to their unique needs.

We understand the challenges and rewards of looking after a deaf child: it is not easy and families need professionals with whom they can develop a solid working relationship based on trust. We work with families as partners in what we call the Family Partnership Model – this informs every aspect of our work and places families at the heart of all we do. As a family, we want you to develop trust in our professional and caring approach and know that we respect and value you.

Click on the diagram below to find out exactly how we embed the Family Partnership Model into our work.


Support at every stage

Our support for families usually starts on the same day of diagnosis. We continue to work in partnership with families throughout their child’s early years and into adulthood. Every family works one-to-one with a qualified and experienced teacher of the deaf to help develop your child’s language skills, and help nurture happy, healthy, independent and highly motivated young learners, who have confidence and belief in themselves.

There will be many transition times along this journey which can be stressful for families. The Wandsworth Hearing Support Service has developed comprehensive guidance for families at every stage of transition from choosing a nursery to preparing for university. You can request one of our transition booklets by emailing

Sharing knowledge and skills

You are your child’s main teacher and greatest influence which is why we get families fully involved in our teaching programmes. We encourage families to take an active role in carrying out aspects of our school programmes at home. We aim to give them the confidence to develop their child’s communication by tapping into their own instincts and creativity.

We provide a range of unbiased information so that families can make confident, independent, well-informed decisions, helping them thrive. Find out more about our library and our Family Education Programme