Events, Courses and Support

We offer a rich programme of training courses, extra-curricular activities, family events, and support and counselling.


We run education programmes for families with deaf children across all ages from Early Years to secondary school age. A lot of the programme content is developed in consultation with families so we can be sure we are delivering more of what you want.

Many courses and sessions are held at times most convenient for families (e.g. early evenings). Where possible, we organise a crèche to coincide with sessions.

Family Education Programme

When caring for a deaf child, you will no doubt come across a wealth of information that may appear baffling at first – be it relating to education, health or technology. We want all families to feel empowered with knowledge so that they can make informed choices about their child’s development. That’s why we run an education programme for families to help demystify the processes they are faced with.

If you would like to access a parent education session please contact us at for more information or check our calendar for the latest courses.

We also run an innovative course for families on ‘Working in partnership with professionals’, unique to Wandsworth families. Over five weeks the course covers all aspects of working in partnership including communication skills, preparing for meetings, and models of disability.

If you would like to find out more about the course please contact Steph Halder

Activities and events

We offer a rich, varied and fun programme of events aimed at all age groups, either for deaf children alone or for deaf children and their families. Some of the activities and events in our programme include:

  • Baby sign
  • Music time
  • Art Club
  • Family outings

Check the calendar for our latest events and how to book

Support and counselling

Learning to cope with your child’s deafness can be challenging. Support is a crucial part of our work and we offer a range of ways you can access emotional support depending on your needs and preferences.

Through WHSS you can access highly qualified counsellors or simply have an understanding and sympathetic ear from someone in the same situation as you. Our support includes:

  • One-to-one counselling and support
  • Group sessions with other families in Wandsworth – discussing and sharing ideas and experiences
  • Regular meet-ups for specific family members such as our Dad’s Club and sibling support groups
  • Informal support – a sympathetic ear to listen when you need it

Check the calendar for our latest events and how to book

We work hard to base our services on what families want. We regularly invite parents to tell us what they would like us to consider introducing or changing. If you have any suggestions or feedback for us, please get in touch at