Research and Resources

Research projects

From time to time we commission work to provide us with objective feedback on how well we are doing. We use these findings to help steer our direction and ensure we address the needs of our stakeholders.

If you have a research proposal or would like to discuss a collaborative research project we would be pleased to hear from you - you can contact Sabrina Djazoul.


We receive many requests from researchers wanting to involve our professional teams, families and deaf children in proposed research studies. As an organisation we uphold the importance of advancing knowledge in the field. However, we need to be satisfied that before any involvement the interests, well-being and safety of participants are the first priority.

Visit our library

As a team we regularly review research papers to inform our work and teaching. We subscribe to a number of journals which are kept in our Family Loan Library, housed in the Isobel Centre. If you are interested in reading any of our journals you are welcome to visit our library for families of deaf children.

You can also find further information on research in the field at  and